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i also go by @dantesaan :::3
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♡ Commission Info ♡

Posted by puppychi - 3 days ago

♡ click here for a better visual of my commission sheet ♡


Here you will find useful information that will hopefully make the process faster/easier! 。・゜ ♡ ・ 。 。・゜ ♡

Terms of Service

I WILL draw...

○ sfw

○ nsfw

○ gore

○ fanart

○ original characters

○ kinks/fetishes (ask me)

○ banners/layouts/emotes

♡ Anything really! Ask if you're unsure. ♡

I WILL NOT draw...

○ hate/discrimination art

○ realism

○ muscles

○ pedophilia

○ MLP/animals

♡ Ask me if you are unsure! ♡


○ Prices are non-negotiable.

○ You must pay the FULL commission price before your commission can be started.

Once I receive the payment, I will start working on the piece I will not begin a commission unless full payment is provided first. I do not accept half payments. Payments through Paypal are USD. Paypal allows you to convert money into USD upon sending.

○ I am permitted to cancel and subsequently FULLY refund your commission at any time during the process.

If you were to cancel a commission after I've finished half or less of your commission, I am permitted to refund only a PORTION of the original commissioned price.

○ After I receive your money on Paypal, I have to wait an entire day to fully accept your money into my bank account.

This means I do not fully accept your payment until the 24hrs are up. (This is a Paypal thing, I am not in control of it.)


○ Speed of finishing your commission

I take a minimum of a week to finish a commission. If I am busy with IRL stuff or other commissions I will let you know if it will take longer. Please don't ask me every hour/day if it's done. I will send you the parts as I finish them.

○ Let me know if there is a deadline

If you are commissioning me for someones birthday or any other deadline orientated date; please let me know. This allows me to prepare and get the art done within time instead of being late or rushing last minute. If you would like me to postpone posting it, I am willing to do that. Please do not say you have deadline just because you want your art before everyone else.

○ Please contact me with references/desired pose…etc..!

Send a clean reference. As in, a drawing which fully showcases the character and its parts (especially if the character has something out of the ordinary). If it’s traditionally drawn, possibly not a blurry picture!

○ I will send you a process pictures (if you'd like.) I do this is for you to approve of how the drawing is going. Please be vocal about any changes you would want.

This is so we are on the same page before I go any further. If you would like me to NOT keep updating you with progress pictures please feel free to let me know! I love sending progress pictures to get your input on anything/everything! ♡

You may contact me through: 


♡ twitter DMs

♡ instagram DMs


can I repost the artwork on my blog/twitter/instagram..etc?

  • You may ONLY repost my artwork if you are going to credit me. If that seems like "too much work" for you then please feel free to reblog/retweet/share it from my social media sites.
  • If you are using an icon for your blog/twitter/instagram/etc then please credit me in the description.

You are not allowed to color, lineart, or edit any commission. This means if you purchase a sketch/lineart from me, you are not allowed to finish it.

You are also not allowed to sell my art for commercial use.

how long should I expect to wait for my piece?

  • It depends where you are in line but it will usually take me 3 days to a week after payment to finish a piece. But please allow a maximum of 3 weeks.

♡ More questions here ♡

If your question was not answered please feel free to send me an ask/message me.

When you commission me, I expect for you to have read and agree to all terms listed here.


busts only: $15

⤷ always 1500x1500

⤷ comes fully coloured/shaded

⤷ no extreme details


⤷ only solid colours/transparent (free!)


bust: $20

full body: $25

⤷ black & white

⤷ no shading

⤷ blush can be included

extra characters:

⤷ bust: $10

⤷ full body: $15


⤷ solid colours/transparent (free!)

⤷ simple - $2

⤷ detailed - $5

♡ FLAT ♡

bust: $30

full body: $35

⤷ fully coloured

⤷ not shaded

⤷ blush can be included

extra characters:

⤷ bust: $15

⤷ full body: $18


⤷ solid colours/transparent (free!)

⤷ simple - $2

⤷ detailed - $5


bust: $40

full body: $45

⤷ fully coloured

⤷ fully shaded

extra characters:

⤷ bust: $20

⤷ full body: $23


⤷ solid colours/transparent (free!)

⤷ simple - $3

⤷ detailed - $10

♡ ♡ ♡ THANK YOU! ♡ ♡ ♡

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